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“Beauty might bring happiness, but happiness always brings beauty.”

                                                           -Kevin Aucoin

As a bridal makeup artist it is my job to give you the best makeup service; this is achieved not only with great makeup skills, but also with the knowledge to guide you in the right direction when creating the look for your special day.  
With over 10 years of experience I pride myself in my craft and the ability to listen to your needs.
I understand skin tones, eye, and face shapes, which are very important when creating a look that will look good in real life and in photography. 
This will undoubtedly translate to your bridal party, they will be so thrilled with their look.
My goal is to give you the best service, while providing you with a time take a breather before the big moment. 
Because a happy bride is always a beautiful bride
If you are interested in my services, please fill out the form and we will schedule your trial! 

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